Thursday, July 17, 2008

How I got into the BIZ

Well my affection with water has been a lifetime obssesion but I actually started making a living from the offshore industry in 98' after I went to a school in NJ for commercial diving. We learned all types of things, like underwater welding, pipeling construction, NDT, water survival, dive medicine and general offshore practices. This school is really what got me offshore, then I realized after a year and a half of diving that I really didn't like that side of the industry. I had a friend I went to dive school with that hired on with a co. that did diving and ROV work and with his industrial electronics background and schooling made an easy switch to ROV's. I however wanted to do ROVing but couldn't seem to get hired. The demmand was small then. After keeping in touch with my friend for years I got the opportunity to hire on with a new division he was starting for a major corp.. I started as a deck foreman, as I was familiar with offshore ops, rigging and cranes ops.. While I was working that end of the spectrum I always would spend as much time with the ROV crew as possible, learning and working. Showing your willingness to learn and work is a big part of any offshore position. Will cont.. gtg to work.

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