Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another day at Sea

Today was the day when we finally got the well casing blown with charges sub sea, below the bottom. Finally. We had so many problems to get to this point. We set off the charge about 11:00 a.m. just before my shift ended at 12:00. That was cool. Even though the charge was set inside 4 steel pipes, the biggest one being 1.5"thick, 20' below the bottom, 550' sub sea, we felt the boat shake and saw an area of water explode on the surface. After the initial charge had been blown we had the helicopter that had been flying over head just before the blast, in circles for about 1 hour, make another few passes over the site just to make sure there were no injured large animals. The helicopter was charged with looking for sea turtles, whales, porpoise, ect.. The only thing that had been affected was a few Lane Snapper, similar to red snapper but smaller. There was a shark cruising around cleaning those up very quickly though. We actually saw this shark swimming around taking mouth fulls of fish even before we could move in and scoop some for ourselves. This shark would come up to a fish, stick its head out of the water and gulp down a mouthful every time. That was cool to see. Anyway,the job should only go a few more days and we'll be on to the next adventure.

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