Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still in MC

Yes we are still here. This is supposed to be a million dollar a day well and we still haven't put the final touches on it. Having tooling integration technicalities on the sub. Seems like everything we try goes bust. Oh well, the client is anxious but we are doing everything in our power to make it happen. Using these torque tools is sometimes mystifying. You get results one time and another nothing. 5000 fsw is no joke sometimes. But I have been on much deeper jobs that have went smooth. I hope things change soon. Its been a real struggle so far. Weather is great. I saw the Mahi mahi running today and even had some guys on board make a catch. Oh yea I almost forgot. We were around the rig the other day and had a whale shark pass over the sub and awhile later under us knocking off some of our tools as it scratched its back on the bottom of the sub. As it passed under, the tail fin hit the front of the sub and knocked it sideways. The client made us write an incident report. Ironic I guess, marine life slowing down the job.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All is well in MC 696

Today we are in Mississippi Canyon in the GOM working on a long stretch of pipeline for a major oil company. We have been here for approx. a week on site and expect to be here for another few weeks. The weather hasn't been bad since Ike, only an occasional front. We are working in 5000 fsw + and have already had multiple problems with our sub and the other one on board. My sub currently seems to be working perfect at the present, knock on wood, but that could change at any moment. They are finicky machines and there are lots of stresses on them. Hopefully things will continue smooth.... Till next time, enjoy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to work

Today I am 75 miles off the coast of Mexico on the DSV Kingfisher. I have been back to work for two days now. We mobilized in Galveston, Tx for a job near Alabama, but hurricane Ike was bearing down on Galveston quickly so the decision was to run from the storm south and come around the back of it. We have been uderway for 27 hrs now and are still no where near our project location off the coast of Al.. The hurricane is approximitly 350 miles from Galveston, and is a cat. 2 at this time traveling 12 mph.. I had a good time at home, working on my boat ect. so its good to be back at work. I will most likely stay 2 mnths on this hitch. We'll see....