Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still in MC

Yes we are still here. This is supposed to be a million dollar a day well and we still haven't put the final touches on it. Having tooling integration technicalities on the sub. Seems like everything we try goes bust. Oh well, the client is anxious but we are doing everything in our power to make it happen. Using these torque tools is sometimes mystifying. You get results one time and another nothing. 5000 fsw is no joke sometimes. But I have been on much deeper jobs that have went smooth. I hope things change soon. Its been a real struggle so far. Weather is great. I saw the Mahi mahi running today and even had some guys on board make a catch. Oh yea I almost forgot. We were around the rig the other day and had a whale shark pass over the sub and awhile later under us knocking off some of our tools as it scratched its back on the bottom of the sub. As it passed under, the tail fin hit the front of the sub and knocked it sideways. The client made us write an incident report. Ironic I guess, marine life slowing down the job.

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