Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well it's the first one

Today is Sunday, June 22nd. I am currently writing this from my room on a 260' vessel called the Tigerfish in the Gulf of Mexico, block EB 117. We are working on a well abandonment job. The water depth is 555'. My job here is to operate and fix the ROV, (remotely operated vehicle) and do whatever task sub sea that our clients request. Once we detach the old wellhead from the well casing, we will put explosives down hole and blow it 20' below the mud line. As per M.M.S. (Minerals Management Service) instructions. Finally we will rec0ver the pieces and the job will be complete. Sounds simple huh? Well I tell you it's not and it's extremely expensive. For this vessel and robot on board with crew to operate 24 hrs a day it cost approximately 100,000.00 a day (24 hour day). And the problems we run into working in the water are many. The ocean is the least explored place on the planet for a reason. Well, hope you enjoyed a small part of what I do and a day in my life at work