Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another sucessfull hitch

The vessel arrived in Port Fourchon yesterday @ 19:30, after 24 hrs of transit from EB 160 in the GOM. It's nice to see the dry land after 3 weeks out, but I don't think I will be able to make my family reunion on the 17th as I had hoped. I called the office yesterday and requested a flight to WV to go and spend time with grandma before the reunion and our HR guy asked if I would stay onboard because we are short handed. Oh well, I really want to go but may not make it.....


OldSarg said...

This looks to have excellent potential. How about explaining how you became an ROV operator.

Rick Lee said...

Sorry you can't come to the reunion! We'll miss you.

Congratulations on getting a link from Instapundit. I doubt if you have something like Sitemeter rigged up to count visitors, but you probably will have at least a couple thousand visitors this evening.

I agree with Oldsarg that you should do a post explaining how you got into this business.